Discrimination submission

A senate report on the Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Act 1984 was released a week ago and has several areas of concern for the ACL by failing to close a loophole in the Act which has paved the way for single women and lesbians to receive IVF. The report recommends removing exemptions which allow religious bodies and religious schools to recruit staff who share the doctrines, tenets and beliefs of the religious organisation, which includes the ordination of ministers, and the appointment of teaches.
Another recommendation reflects the ALP’s commitment to removing discrimination against same-sex couples, proposing “marital status’ to be replaced with ‘marital or relationship status’ throughout the Act. This opens the possibility of people challenging restrictions on IVF, adoption and surrogacy on the basis or sex or (marital) relationship status.
These recommendations will now be subject to a 12 month consultation process, to be overseen by the Attorney-General’s Department. For the report visit: http://www.aph.gov.au/Senate/committee/legcon_ctte/sex_discrim/report/index.htm
See www.acl.org.au or www.saltshakers.org.au on ways to get involved in the consultation process.

POSTED 22 Dec 2008

Petrol stations

Mobile Australia has joined BP and Shell in removing category 1 porn magazines from its service stations. The think tank Women’s Forum Australia (WFA) and child advocacy group Kids Free 2B Kids have jointly commended Mobil Australia for responding to the concerns of women. To read their media release visit: http://www.womensforumaustralia.org/images/081211Mobil%20congratulated.pdf

POSTED 22 Dec 2008

Surrogacy Bill

Surrogacy Bill 2008. New surrogacy laws were passed in WA in the first week of December which allows same-sex couples and singles access to surrogacy. See attached the list, provided by Saltshakers, of those who voted for and against this legislation in the legislative assembly (lower house) and take the time to thank your member if they voted against the bill. Look at the Parliament Hansard to see the different views.

POSTED 22 Dec 2008

Internet filtering

Rallies have been held around Australia on Saturday 13 December against internet filtering. The rallies were organised by the Digital Liberty Coalition and drew 2500 people in total. 15000 were apparently expected. The Digital Liberty Coalition is planning to hold more demonstrations, including a national protest in Canberra next March. For info on the issue and ways to get involved visit www.makeastand.org.au
The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) has called on Telstra to participate in the upcoming Federal Government ISP filtering trials.
ACL director Jim Wallace said: “It is important for a company with the size and influence of Telstra to show strong support for an initiative which will block child pornography and the most degrading illegal material from the internet.”
A number of people involved in the porn industry have stated that internet filters will stifle the porn industry, while for internet providers it will significantly reduce their revenue.
The Federal Government is offering FREE internet filtering to every home in Australia. The offer is only available until December 31. Go to http://www.netalert.gov.au/filters.html and click Download internet content filter. Alternatively call the help line on 1800 880 176

POSTED 22 Dec 2008


About 50 people attended the National Day of Mourning and Compassion in Perth on November 23. Organised in Perth by former WA CDP candidate Dr Lachlan Dunjey, the group prayed for those considering abortion and prayed that abortion may one day end in Australia. An online petition against abortion is available to be filled out on the organising website: www.ndmc.org.au. It is also possible to provide donations on this website.

POSTED 5 Dec 2008

Californication-channel 10 show

Saltshakers says 40 advertisers have let Channel 10 know they don’t want to be adverting on this program. However still many organisations are advertising.

Action: Saltshakers is urging people to contact the advertisers in a Christian manner to urge them not to promote the show and to point out to them that it may be harmful for their branding. Below is a list of organisations advertising in Perth on this show.
Repeat Advertisers
Heineken beer (Lion Nathan)
Email: raniero.miccoli@lion-nathan.com.au or felicity.chapman@heinekenlion.com.au or phone: 02 9320 2200.
Sony – Quarantine Phone (02) 9887 6666

New advertisers
Online contact form: https://www.citibank.com.au//global_docs/kana/contactus_complaints.htm or phone 13 24 84
Guitar World Perth (not associated with Guitar World Qld)
Email: sales@guitarsfromhell.com.au or phone 08 9358 6665
QBE Insurance
Email: complaints@qbe.com or phone 133 723
Future Entertainment (Summa Dayze concert)
Email: enquiries@futureentertainment.com.au or phone 03 9686 1166
96 FM
Email: jow@96fm.com.au (Jo Warner, Promotions Director) or phone 08 9323 9600
Kosmic Sound
Email: alexl@kosmic.com.au or phone 1800 466 157
Just Music
Email: justmusic@bigblue.net.au or phone 08 93840560
Coca-Cola Amatil (Nestea Iced Tea)
Email: aus_contactus@anz.ccamatil.com or phone 132 653
Commonwealth Bank
Online contact form: https://www.commbank.com.au/guides/guestbook/default.asp or phone 1800 805 605
George Weston Foods (Noble Rise)
Online contact form: http://www.georgewestonfoods.com.au/contactus/ or phone 02 9415 1411
More info: www.saltshakers.org.au

POSTED 5 Dec 2008

Freedom of Religion

The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) is conducting an Inquiry called ”Freedom of Religion and Belief in the 21st Century” – they’re inviting submissions from everyone by 31 January 2009.
Saltshakers says the ‘authors’ of this Inquiry are the same three men who proposed a rotating roster of prayers for our federal Parliament, interfaith Networks and interfaith ‘sacred spaces’.
That means we should pay even MORE attention.
Another hint about the intent of this Inquiry is the sort of questions asked: Such as:
“Would a legislated national Charter of Rights add to these freedoms of religion and belief?” and “How is diverse sexuality perceived within faith communities?”
Hidden in this work is a drive to undermine Christian values, rather than to enhance Christian freedom on Australia.

For more details of what is contained in the AHRC submission and how to respond visit www.saltshakers.org.au. For details about inquiry visit:

POSTED 5 Dec 2008

Internet filter

The ACL is calling for bipartisan support for the Federal Government’s plans to filter the Internet at service provider level, saying that in the interests of children this issue should be placed above party politics.
ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace urged the Federal Opposition to throw its support behind the proposal which will see the mandatory blocking of child pornography and other illegal material, with an optional filter of material which is inappropriate for children such as pornography.

More info: www.acl.org.au

POSTED 5 Dec 2008


New WA surrogacy laws which will come into force early next year have been passed in WA by both houses of parliament. The new surrogacy laws will allow couples as well as single mothers and homosexuals to have access to surrogacy. To read the debate from the Legislative Assembly held December 2 and the way in which members voted the Hansard is available at: http://www.parliament.wa.gov.au/web/newwebparl.nsf/iframewebpages/Hansard+-+Daily+Transcripts
ACL WA Director Michelle Pearse said various WA Governments had already paved the way for single women to have access to IVF, artificial insemination and adoption, and now surrogacy has been added to the list. Mrs Pearse said it was disappointing that there was no requirements that surrogacy should only occur within a committed relationship between a man and a woman. She said it would lead to an increasing amount of children brought up without a father.

POSTED 5 Dec 2008