Internet filtering

Rallies have been held around Australia on Saturday 13 December against internet filtering. The rallies were organised by the Digital Liberty Coalition and drew 2500 people in total. 15000 were apparently expected. The Digital Liberty Coalition is planning to hold more demonstrations, including a national protest in Canberra next March. For info on the issue and ways to get involved visit
The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) has called on Telstra to participate in the upcoming Federal Government ISP filtering trials.
ACL director Jim Wallace said: “It is important for a company with the size and influence of Telstra to show strong support for an initiative which will block child pornography and the most degrading illegal material from the internet.”
A number of people involved in the porn industry have stated that internet filters will stifle the porn industry, while for internet providers it will significantly reduce their revenue.
The Federal Government is offering FREE internet filtering to every home in Australia. The offer is only available until December 31. Go to and click Download internet content filter. Alternatively call the help line on 1800 880 176

POSTED 22 Dec 2008