Foreign aid/abortion

One of the first acts on his first day for new US President Obama was to overturn a Bush policy to ban overseas aid being used to fund abortion in poor countries. This has put enormous pressure on Australian PM Kevin Rudd to follow suit. Johannesburg Catholic archbishop Buti Joseph Tlhagale speaking at the plenary assembly of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference this week warned of continuing attempts to legalise abortion and in vitro fertilisation in African countries, with the African Union’s Maputo Protocol and the UN Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women. “Do Church leaders have a say in these complex moral issues of the day or are we simply left to the mercy of unscrupulous campaigners?”Archbishop Tlhagale asked in conclusion.

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Action: The ACL says it is vital we email our Federal politicians this week as they resume parliament and urge them to use foreign money to protect women and babies, not to have them aborted. To find out how to get involved and find out more visit:

For a viewpoint in favour of providing abortion aid read former democrat leader Lyn Allison’s article:

and ACL managing director Jim Wallace’s response:

POSTED 29 Jan 2009