PNG/Abortion Aid

International abortion providers Marie Stopes International (MSI)is planning to seek funding from the Australian Government to promote abortion in PNG following the Rudd Governments decision to remove an exemption on abortion aid put in place by John Howard. This is despite the fact that abortion is illegal in PNG except for the preservation of the mother’s life. MSI spokesman Ary Laufer said: “what I would hope is that we would be able to provide training for doctors throughout the country to determine what is a life-threatening situation for women”. In otherwords, MSI wants to use Australian aid funds to undermine the PNG law on abortion by persuading doctors to perform abortions.
Meanwhile MSI has held photo exhibition this month in the PNG National Parliament taken in a photo competition it held for people aged 15-24. The competition, through the MSI PhotoVoice Project is ‘offering a new and exciting way to increase awareness of sexual and reproductive health issues’. MSI uses the PhotoVoice project in a number of countries. MSI has involved 7 PNG Church federations in the PhotoVoice Project including Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Seven Day Adventists, United, Lutheran and Salvation Army churches.

Sources: the Coalition for the Defence of Human Life May 2009 Newsletter &

Action: Saltshakers is asking people to ask the Coalition if they will re-instate the abortion ban if they are re-elected. Write to Malcolm Turnbull (liberal) and Warren Truss (national) Parliament House, Canberra, ACT 2600

POSTED 1 May 2009