Abortion Aid

In Senate estimates last week, AusAid officials were asked by QLD Senator Ron Boswell how much money would be spent on abortions, abortion promotions or related services in third-world countries but were unable to give an answer.

“Australia needs to know how much money goes to which overseas countries for abortion related services under new AUSAID guidelines,” Senator Ron Boswell said in a media release.

Boswell’s comments: http://ronboswell.com/?p=748

Action: The ACL is asking people to email Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith at Stephen.Smith.MP@aph.gov.au and:

1.Re-state your opposition to our aid dollars being diverted from maternal health and poverty relief to abortion
2. Ask him to tell you whether or not the AusAid guidelines will allow the use of our aid money for sex selection abortion

POSTED 15 Jun 2009