Parliament of the World’s Religions

The Parliament of the World’s Religions is to be held in Melbourne, Dec 3-9, 2009. It was first held in 1993 in Chicago and has since been held every 5 yrs. The Parliament is receiving $2m from the Federal and Victorian government and $500,000 from the City of Melbourne. About 450 activities are planned and attract 10,000 visitors. The organizers include Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and Christians. Two of the authors of the AHRC Freedom of Religion and belief inquiry Gary Bouma and Des Cahill are coordinating the event. Mr Bouma also was an expert witness for the Islamic Council of Victoria in their religious vilification case against Pastor Scot and Pastor Danny Nalliah. Saltshakers said they are concerned at this sort of interfaith event as they tend to create a ‘level playing field’ for all religions. Christians who proclaim the uniqueness and superiority of Jesus Christ are sidelined as being intolerant or unloving. For more from Saltshakers:

POSTED 2 Jul 2009
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