Sexual discrimination

A poll of 1000 people by Galaxy Omnibus on June 12-14 prepared by the Australian Coalition for Equality found that 85% of Australians supported laws that protected people from discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity.

The poll was welcomed by the Australian Human Rights Commission. Level of support was strongest among Green voters (92%) the ALP voters (91%) and the level of support was higher amongst females. As a result of the poll, Gay and Lesbian Equality (WA) Inc called on the Barnett Government to revisit anti-discrimination laws to make them stronger. GALE spokesman Rod Swift said they were ready to provide expertise and advice to help the WA Government with the task of fixing the problems with the current laws.

Centrelink general manager Hank Jongen said July 1 was a historic day for gay and lesbians as it was the day when same-sex relationships were first recognised by the welfare payment agency after the Rudd Government made changes to the law. So far 2100 people have declared a homosexual relationship to Centrelink including 119 in WA, 54 in Tasmania and 573 in NSW.

Meanwhile the Australian Bureau of Statistics has said they will count same-sex ‘marriages’ in the 2011 census. The Australian Marriage Equity has been lobbying 5the ABS since before the 2006 census. Saltshakers says that the ABS should not count same sex marriages because they are not legal in Australia. It says this tactic by the AME is designed to put pressure on the government to allow same sex marriages. It says AME is trying to persuade the Labor Party to change their position on marriages at their national conference in July.

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Action: Saltshakers asks people to write to the ABS asking them not to count same sex marriages in the 2011 census. Also to write to PM Kevin Rudd, the Minister responsible for the ABS Nick Sherry, your local MP and Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnball.(c/o Parliament House, Canberra, ACT 2600.

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POSTED 14 Jul 2009
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