TV/Computer traps

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has released a report this week, “Young Australians’ use of online social media” into mobile phones, TV usage, network sites, cyber safety, internet content and risks for children using the internet. It also outlines the role of parents in protecting their children. The ACMA research found that 1 in 10 pre-school children had a TV in their Bedroom. 30% of teenagers have a TV in their bedroom, 1 in 10 children aged 7-8 have a computer in their room.

ACMA has launched a new cybersmart website to provide advice to children, parents, libraries and schools:

Action: Saltshakers says that we should ensure there are no TVs or computers in bedrooms, locate computers in an open area. Limit TV and computer use as well as content. Discuss the dangers of internet and TV with children. Don’t allow children to interact with others (even those known to them) over the internet, take an interest in what your children are doing-in all areas of life.

For reports:

ACMA has also released findings into ISP level internet filters:

POSTED 28 Jul 2009