Regional Parade

A discussion paper into the future of the Pride Parade has been released 16 Nov by Gay in WA. It gives an indication of why there has been a push to bring the Parade to regional areas. The paper says that because of the success of the gay community into changing WA laws the future of the Parade has often been debated. Only half of those who responded to the survey said the Parade should continue.

To view the discussion paper and survey results:

In Bunbury Councillor Wayne Major tried to propose a motion to bring the parade to Bunbury but did not get a seconder. The campaign has also been activated in Albany. Pride in WA has organised a community forum to discuss the future of the parade to be held Dec 7 at the Loton Park Tennis Club.

For Albany story:


Action: Saltshakers is asking people to answer a Bunbury Mail poll question: Do you support Bunbury holding the next gay and lesbian Pride Parade?

To vote:

Currently of 149 votes, 77% say they do not favour the parade being held in Bunbury.

POSTED 27 Nov 2009