A Christmas Carol

From movieguide.org: Staring Jim Carrey the new animated DISNEY’S A CHRISTMAS CAROL from Walt Disney Pictures is a magnificent masterpiece, an instant Christmas classic. It may be the best, most Christ-centered version of this classic tale from Charles Dickens ever made.  Very strong Christian, moral, born-again, redemptive worldview with overt references to Jesus Christ, God, meaningful and theologically powerful Christmas carols, the Bible, church. Even so, please note that DISNEY’S A CHRISTMAS CAROL is too frightening for young children and susceptible adults. It shows the very frightening demonic aspects of the wages of the sin, especially avarice, to convict even the most self-centered viewer so they will understand the power of repentance and new life in the Spirit of Christmas.

For more: http://www.movieguide.org/box-office/6/10032/a-christmas-carol

POSTED 18 Dec 2009