More Persecution

A sample of just some of the news from the Barnabas Fund about persecution over the Christmas period:

  • In Iran, a meeting of 70 Christian coverts on Dec 17, 2009 was raided by 15 police officers and two leaders were arrests.
  • Two churches were bombed in Mosul, Iraq killing at least 3 people on Dec 23, 2009. On Dec 25, 2009 the Christian majority town of Bartilla, near Mosul was attacked by a mob of armed Kurds. Four Christians including a policeman received gunshot wounds.
  • In Zimbabwe, a cathedral in Harare and 3 churches were raided by police. Worshippers were beaten up and forced from the buildings on Dec 25, 2009.
  • In Malaysia, between Jan 8-11 at least 8 Churches and a Christian School were attacked. It was an apparent response to a court ruling that the word “Allah” could be used when referring to God.
POSTED 25 Jan 2010