Ads Ok?

The Advertising Standards Bureau reports a busy beginning to the year with more than 110 complaints from the public, relating to advertising, being handled already this year. In its latest quarterly newsletter, the ASB reports that from Nov 1-Jan31 584 complaints were received relating to 174 ads. The most common issue was the portrayal of sex, sexuality and nudity.

In Feb 2010, 42 complaints were dismissed, just 3 were upheld and the advertisers were asked to either alter or remove the advert.

For newsletter:

A case study: A complaint was dismissed that related to an outdoor advert depicting a man (TV personality Scott Camm) in overalls. The caption reads : “Sex and the Gritty” The complainant/s said she/he found it hard to explain what Sex and the Gritty meant when she drove past the billboard with the grandchildren. The complaintant argued that mixed sexual messages should not be used when it has no relation to the product advertised.

For the advertisers response and other examples of complaints rejected:

POSTED 8 Mar 2010
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