Ad Complaints

A total of 42 complaints against adverts were rejected by the industry watch-dog, the Australian Standards Bureau in March-the same number as in February – but substantially higher than the 23 complaints thrown out in January. Only 3 complaints were upheld in March.

Case study:

A complaint was received against Big W for a advertising catalogue which showed young girls wearing makeup. The complainant said: “I don’t think young girls should be shown wearing make up to advertise clothes. My 5 year old girl is quite likely to look through a catalogue like this thinking there are toys in it, and see this and ask why she’s not allowed to wear make up? I let her play with it but she’s not allowed to leave the house in it, and will not be allowed to when she is between 8 and 14 either. I think it looks tacky and is sexualising the children to make them look like adults.”

The Bureau supported Big W’s position that there was nothing illegal about a young girl wearing makeup in advertising and the complaint was dismissed.

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POSTED 8 Apr 2010
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