PROSH Newspaper

On April 21, Students from UWA were selling their annual newspaper in the name of charity. The paper made a mockery of Christianity and the church, included foul language and sexual content. On page 2 a disclaimer said that while readers might be offended they should remind themselves that it was for a good cause. “If you choose to pore through the paper, getting more and more incensed at the content, we are not sorry. PROSH is about Satire, which means poking fun at sacred cows.” In 2010 the organisations that profited from the sale of this newspaper were the Heart Foundation, Motor Neurone Disease Association of WA, Clown Doctors and The Grey Man.

To forward your views contact the UWA Student Guild on 6488 2296 or write to:

c/o UWA Student Guild
M300, 35 Stirling Highway
Crawley WA 6009
POSTED 4 May 2010
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