WA Sex Education

The Youth Affairs Council of WA is moving a step forward in implementing its 2007 report, “Sexual Health Education and Young People in WA-a youth consultation”. The 2007 report recommended priority is placed on school policies that promote acceptance and support of diverse sexualities at a curriculum, policy and school community level; supporting the implementation of a sexual health curriculum and encouraging partnerships with youth health services. The recommendations were based on what school students felt was required in sex education.

As reported in earlier in Gleanings (May 2009), the result will be an Australian-first and could be adopted Australia-wide once completed.

Six WA Youth sector agencies are trialling the STI/BBV youth peer education program, including Christian organisation Mission Australia Youth Accommodation Support Service.

Related to the project, the Hyper Peer Education Program is recruiting young people aged 15-24 who will explore issues that young people face today, including sexual health, STI’s BBVs, drugs and the media.

The key stakeholders working with YACWA on the project include the FPWA Sexual Health Services, WA Aids Council, The Freedom Centre and the Quarry Health Centre. YACWA hopes to have the project ready for WA Schools by July 2011.

To be involved in the Hyper Peer Education Program and for more info: http://www.yacwa.org.au/content.php?CID=117

For more on the Youth Educating Peers project: http://www.yacwa.org.au/content.php?CID=57

For the initial 2007 report: http://www.public.health.wa.gov.au/cproot/999/2/FINAL%20REPORT%20SH%20Education%20and%20Young%20People%20in%20WA%2007.pdf

POSTED 4 May 2010
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