Get Him to the Greek


The movie is blatantly pagan and hedonistic. It contains excessive nudity, sexuality, aberrant sexual behavior, sexual dialogue, an obscene amount of foul language, violence, vile amounts of drunkenness and drug use. This movie has nothing redeemable in it whatsoever. Any person with any self-respect or any moral decency will avoid this movie at all costs. The filmmakers, Judd Apatow and Jason Segel, need prayer. They need the forgiveness of Jesus Christ. They are willingly leading the youth who flock to sophomoric comedies like this one down the primrose path of destruction. Please pray for the unwitting people who see this vile movie – that they would come to know Jesus Christ and the truth that will set them free from this horrific type of entertainment! Contains 163 obscenities, 8 profanities.

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POSTED 29 Jun 2010
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