NT Intervention

The ‘2009 Survey of Government Business Managers relating to the Impact of the Northern Territory Emergency Response’, conducted by TNS Social Research, has been released. It measures the opinions of Government Business Managers in 62 Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER) communities and five prescribed town camps. The findings showed that 32% believed the level of violence has decreased since the intervention started in 2007. The survey also found that many reported that there has been a decrease in petrol sniffing. An earlier survey reported in Gleanings in January indicated that the health of the aboriginals in the NT has improved since the intervention. From July 1, the Racial Discrimination Act will be reapplied in the Northern Territory. The Racial Discrimination Act was put aside for the intervention so that alcohol and pornography restrictions could be applied in communities which were experiencing high levels of violence.

For more on the survey results: http://www.jennymacklin.fahcsia.gov.au/mediareleases/2010/pages/nter_report_22june10.aspx

For the January Indigenous Health results: http://christiangleanings.com/2010/01/indigenous-health/

On the re-applying of the Racial Discrimination Act: http://www.jennymacklin.fahcsia.gov.au/mediareleases/2010/pages/jm_m_rda_22june2010.aspx

POSTED 29 Jun 2010
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