Poor Show

Fifteen people viewed the Make it Count debate hosted at the John Calvin Christian College on Monday 21 June, 2010 by the Association for Reformed Political Action and the Social and Political Youth Study Club. The debate was between Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd and was organised and broadcast by the Australian Christian Lobby. It was viewed over the internet by tens of thousands of Christians in hundreds of churches across Australia. Besides providing Christians with the opportunity to hear their leaders speak on issues that concern them, the aim of the Make it Count event is to give a clear demonstration, by way of numbers, that Christians care about what is happening in their country.

For more: http://australianchristianlobby.org.au/2010/06/%E2%80%982010-make-it-count%E2%80%99-%E2%80%93-prime-minister-and-opposition-leader-respond-to-christian-concerns/

POSTED 29 Jun 2010
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