Abortion Ultrasound

Southern River MLA Peter Abetz has written on June 29, 2010 an article which puts forward the idea that before a woman can have an abortion, she be required to see what is in her womb by means of an ultrasound. She should then be given 48 hours to think about it, before being able to proceed. Mr Abetz first put forward the idea at a recent rally commemorating the 12th anniversary of legal abortion in Western Australia that was attended by approximately 800 people.

Fresh Start (Naltrexone) Clinic director Dr George O’Neil is also quoted as supporting the idea saying that it will give women an informed perspective.

To read the article visit: http://www.wangle.com.au/vip/why-raise-the-abortion-issue-again

Action: To support Mr Abetz’s idea for more information for perspective mothers leave your comments at the bottom of the article.

Previously Mr Abetz voiced his views on the ultrasound on SonshineFM. To listen to Abetz speak on abortion and the ultrasound see: http://sonshinefm.ws/aod/listennow.cfm?ID=3197

POSTED 10 Jul 2010