Halal Food

The Muslim newspaper, Crescent Times is calling for readers to help them investigate the Halal certification industry following allegations of fraud and corruption. (July 2010 issue) Concern has been raised over the use of funds raised through halal certification. The paper notes concerns with Harvey Beef, where it was alleged that workers came to work drunk, did not know what to say and in many cases did not pray to Allah ant the time of slaughter-a halal requirement. For more on halal food and the Crescent Times investigation visit: http://issuu.com/crescenttimes/docs/crescenttimes-july2010

Meanwhile, WA-based pie maker, Mrs Mac’s, has an advert in the july 2010 issue of the crescent times notifying that halal certified pies are coming soon, with more details to follow in the next issue of the crescent times. No details of the new pies are yet available on the Mrs Mac’s website.

For Mrs Mac’s advert pg 14: http://issuu.com/crescenttimes/docs/crescenttimes-july2010

For Mrs Mac’s contact details: http://www.mrsmacs.com.au/contact/

POSTED 26 Jul 2010