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Despite its title, Creation is the story of evolution’s founding father Charles Darwin and his struggle to write the book that presented his theory of evolution. Very strong humanist, pro-evolution, Anti-Christian worldview about Charles Darwin writing his racist tract THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES.

While the movie is well made, it is merely a one-sided, ultimately emotional propaganda piece that has a lie nicely presented.

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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Strong mixed pagan worldview with strong occult content featuring lots of sorcery with some light Romantic elements of inner strength without God and humanist elements lauding science without God, mitigated by strong moral elements with a slight redemptive hint of sacrifice for others in a plot to stop two evil sorcerers who want to resurrect evil dead sorcerers to control the world; no obscenities but about six or seven light My God, Oh God and God type profanities.

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The movie’s moral relativism and ambiguity, and its use of strong profanities at times, also present problems. Finally, the violence is not extremely graphic and there is no crude sexual content, but there is a disturbing subplot involving suicide.

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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

The Concert

POSTED 26 Jul 2010
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