Euthanasia Pressure

Although it will not be until June 30 that the Greens will gain the balance of power it is already focusing on its agenda. It has called for legislation that would allow euthanasia to become legal in the NT and ACT. On Sept 20, 2010 the ABC ran an online poll asking if people supported the notion of the NT and ACT having the right to legislate on euthanasia. When the poll closed 68% answered NO. Initially the vote was reversed but changed following a call by Saltshakers for Christians to vote in the poll. Julia Gillard says she is happy to discuss the Greens proposal.

For article on Gillard’s comments:

Action: The Australian is running a similar poll which asks: Should territories have the right to legalise voluntary euthanasia. Saltshakers asks people to vote NO. As at 30 Sept 51% (2946 people) had voted No. To vote visit:

POSTED 13 Oct 2010