Prayer for Life

Oct 31, 2010 is the National Day of Prayer for Life. The Canberra Declaration Teams say it has been chosen as a day of prayer because it is the final day of a worldwide call to prayer and fasting for 40 days to halt abortion around the world. It has been chosen. See

It is the day of Halloween. The Canberra Declaration says that people must pray for their youth so that they see the light of Jesus and not be deceived by the darkness of Halloween. They ask also that people pray for:

  • That Christians throughout Australia will humble themselves and pray according to 2 Chronicles 7:14 for revival and reformation in our nation.
  • That God will give the media, our nation and its leaders a revelation of the beauty and sanctity of life.
  • That hundreds of thousands of people will be motivated to sign the Canberra Declaration online and in petition format.
  • That God will provide $15,000 for the Canberra Declaration and the Australian Christian Values Institute (you can donate to the appeal here) to print and promote the petition, as well as update its website technology to cope with the increased demand on its resources.
POSTED 30 Oct 2010
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