WA Sunday Trading

People have until Nov 1 to respond the ‘incremental reform’ by the Barnett Govt to introduce more Sunday Trading in WA. The Barnett Government, which has indicated it plans to introduce Sunday Trading completely, following the next election, has released the ‘Whitegoods and Other Consumer Durables’ discussion paper. Commerce Minister Bill Marmion said consumers, retailers, local government bodies, universities or other interested parties were invited to take part in a public consultation. In the intro to the paper the Minister said that he believed it was in accordance with the changing attitudes and busy lifestyles of WA families.

From Nov 1, Armadale and Midland will become ‘special trading precincts’ and shops will be allowed to open Sunday.

For Marmion’s press release: http://www.mediastatements.wa.gov.au/Pages/Results.aspx?ItemID=134069

For the issues paper: http://www.commerce.wa.gov.au/ConsumerProtection//PDF/Publications/Durable_goods_issues_paper_WEB.pdf

For more ways to respond to Sunday Trading: http://christiangleanings.com/2010/10/sunday-trading-3/

To respond to issues paper:

The Director,
Legislation and Policy, Consumer Protection Division,
Department of Commerce,
Locked Bag 14, Cloisters Square, Perth, WA 6850

or email: responses@commerce.wa.gov.au

For more info call: 1300 136 237, or (08) 9282 0777.

POSTED 17 Oct 2010
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