Homosexual ‘Marriage’

A motion by the Green’s which asks MPs to gauge public support for homosexual marriage was passed in the Federal parliament 73-72 votes after the Labor Party decided to support the motion. National Times writer Bella Counihan wrote an article (Nov 18) which calls for homosexual marriage following the voting outcome.

Action: Saltshakers asks people to vote NO on an online poll which follows the Counihan article. For article and to vote: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/opinion/politics/gay-marriage-dinosaurs-should-evolve-or-die-out-20101118-17xzk.html#poll

As at Nov 18 a total of 67% of 9364 votes were in favour of homosexual marriage.

Action: Saltshakers says that Get Up is running a campaign to urge federal MPs to support homosexual ‘marriage’. They want Christians to tell their MPs and senators that they oppose homosexual marriage. Saltshakers says not to denigrate homosexuals- just their arguments.

For MP contact details: http://www.saltshakers.org.au/take-action/parliamentmps/79-federal

POSTED 20 Nov 2010