Holiday Visits

A reminder (as in previous years):

As you seek your “fun in the sun” this Christmas holiday you, your children or your friends may consider taking an eye opening detour past one of the many aboriginal communities doted around WA to get an idea of living conditions in these communities. Or find out where there are drop-in centres, or community services for the homeless etc.

In northeastern Perth, at Cullacabardee, you can visit a small Noongar Aboriginal community, based on Baal Street, a drug rehabilitation retreat, located off Gnangara Road in the suburb’s northeast. You could also visit such places at Gnangara, Badjaling, Ninga Mia Village(Kalgoorlie), Iragul, (Norseman). For maps and places to visit see the links below.

WA map:



POSTED 27 Dec 2010