Skins Action

Movieguide has published an article about the TV show, called ‘Skins’ which is shown on SBS TV in Australia and has been called the most dangerous program that has ever been foisted on children. Movieguide says that this programme is a wake up call Christians have been waiting for. It says that this show is polluting the minds of young adults and adults.

Meanwhile MTV has announced that it will continue producing the show despite an exit of advertisers and a 50 per cent slump in ratings and a call for a government pornography probe.

For MovieGuide article:

For story on MTV reaction:

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Action: Movieguide is calling on people to make note of the sponsors of this programme and choose other brands while also letting the sponsors know of your discontent.

For details on how to give feedback and comments to SBS :

POSTED 12 Feb 2011
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