Movies Reviewed


  • Red Riding Hood
    It ispoorly written, with an abhorrent story driven by lust, infidelity, lying, violence, debauchery, revenge, and Anti-Christian content. Very strong pagan worldview with the presence of dark occult magic and content, supernatural creatures, animal sacrifice, pagan burial scene moon-centered religion. For more:
  • Limitless
    12 obscenities, three profanities and one obscene gesture; some very strong violence combined with plenty of strong violence. Strong mixed pagan worldview with some capitalist content. For more:
  • Battle Los Angeles
    Very strong moral, patriotic worldview with a positive but brief reference to Jesus Christ, the Bible and Bible study; about 71 obscenities (many “h” and “a” words with one “f” word), 19 strong profanities (mostly GD but some JC words) and four light profanities; strong, intense war violence. For more:
  • Hall Pass
POSTED 28 Mar 2011