Muslim Newspaper

The March issue of Perth-based Crescent Times includes an appeal for funds (pg4) to build Masjid Al-Rahman in the City of Gosnells. The Muslim Charity Community of WA is calling for funds to build a Mosque, classrooms, Islamic library and recreation area on the 6751 sq m property located on Mills Road.

It carries a story on page 8 called: Will the Muslim community vote for Fred Nile which calls for the Liberal Party to not preference the CDP because it has a “policy of no muslimisation of Australia”.

Pg 8 also carries an advert of the Social Justice Network which is fronted by Muslims that seek to win a seat in the NSW elections.

Pg 12 has a story on a new Al-Qaeda magazine for women that combines beauty tips and jihadist idealogy.

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POSTED 28 Mar 2011