Abortion Rally

On May 24, about 550 people attended the Perth Rally for Life organised by the Coalition for the Defence of Human Life.

MPs that attended:

  • Hon Helen Bullock MLC (Labor – Mining & Pastoral).
  • Hon Michelle Roberts MLA (Labor – Member for Midland)
  • Mr Bill Johnston MLA (Labor – (Member for Cannington)
  • Hon Nick Goiran MLC (Liberal – South Metropolitan)
  • Mr Peter Abetz, MLA, (Liberal – (Member for Southern River)
  • Mr Frank Alban, MLA, (Member for Swan Hills)
  • Mr Peter Abetz, (Liberal, MLA – Southern River)
  • Mr Ian Britza, (Liberal, MLA – Morley)
  • Tony Krsticevic, (Liberal, MLA – Carine)
  • Dr Graham Jacobs, (Liberal, MLA – Eyre)
  • Margaret Quirk, Labor, (MLA Member for Girrawheen)


  • The Hon Ed Dermer MLC (Labor – North Metropolitan)
  • Hon Kate Doust MLC (Labor – South Metropolitan)
  • Mr Vince Catania, (MLA (National, North West)

Action: The Association for Reformed Political Action is asking people to write to their State parliamentarians in the upper and lower houses, thanking those that attended or sent in their apologies to the recent Perth Rally for Life held to call for changes to the abortion laws. It is also asking that people write to those parliamentarians that did not attend, to consider doing so next year. It is asking people to consider co-hosting letter writing evenings along with ARPA. For more information email:arpa@frca.org.au

POSTED 27 Jun 2011