Abortion Stats

Abortion organisation Marie Stopes has claimed that it prevented an estimated 4.8m unintended pregnancies, 13,600 maternal deaths and 1.3m unsafe abortions in 2010, thanks to their international “services”. The multinational has 8000 employees across 40 countries, including Australia, involved in abortions and in making countries traditionally opposed to abortion, such as East Timor, introduce it. It sterilised 575,465 women in 2010. The report does not show what its annual budget is.

For report stats: http://www.mariestopes.org/documents/publications/MSI_GIReport_FullFinal_LoRes_Sml_noblanks.pdf?dm_i=F3D,FWRE,37RQ1H,1AFNI,1

News Weekly reported in April 2011 that the Australian Govt funded Marie Stopes to carry out “work” in Mongolia. For NewsWeekly article by Tim Cannon: http://www.newsweekly.com.au/articles/2011apr02_a.html

Action: Saltshakers asks people to write to the PM, Opposition Leader and Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd. See: http://christiangleanings.com/2011/04/abortion-funding/


POSTED 27 Jun 2011