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(MA+ in Aust, R in USA). Focus on the Family says it contains at least 20 f-words, 30 s-words, God’s name is misused almost 20 times. “Gross-out humour, grimy language and bad, badder and baddest behaviour is written clearly across this film—sometimes in all caps” For review:

The Hangover 2

(MA+ Aust, R in USA) From Very strong pagan, hedonistic worldview full of debauchery and homosexual characters, transvestites and man commits fornication with transsexual, Buddhist monks depicted meditating and lighting candles in front of shrine, and one man proudly embraces his dark side by saying he “has a demon inside”; 122 obscenities, 18 profanities. For more:

From Focus on the Family: “In the Hollywood mindset it doesn’t matter that the viewing public is bit by bit becoming callused and, with repeated exposure, changed by this kind of subversive and morally vacuous pulp that somebody out there thinks of as humour.” Focus on the Family Review:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 “Strong, somewhat mixed pagan worldview with strong occult, moral, redemptive, and anti-fascist/socialist elements including a rejection of using magic and witchcraft for control and power but the “heroes” also use magic and witchcraft, including wands and spells.” For more:


“Full of majesty and wonder, OCEANS puts on display God’s creation and what the ocean has to offer, great and small.” “However, God is not given credit as Creator for these wonders, and there are some strong environmentalist elements showing polar icecaps breaking off in the wake of alleged global warming. If the viewer can see past that, they will find a beautiful, lush view of God’s creation waiting for them here.” For more:

POSTED 2 Jul 2011