Muslim Census

Muslim organisations are urging Muslims to declare that they are Muslim in the upcoming Australian census to be held Aug 9, 2011. says in its article “It’s time for Australian Muslims to be counted”:

“It is therefore essential that as individuals, we take the first step and participate in the 2011 Census, ensuring our religious identity is captured, so that as a community our needs are also recognised, our concerns are addressed by the right people, and our voice is heard by the democratic representatives of our nation.” Muslim leaders believe that the 2006 census underestimates the real number of Muslims.

Meanwhile, adverts have been on display in national papers encouraging people of no religion to say so, rather than nominate the religion of their birth. While no organisation is named in the adverts, the Atheist Foundation of Australia is running a campaign as is the British Humanist Association in the UK. Funding from Govt into religious programs is determined by census details. The lower the number of Christians, the less money that will be available to religious programmes and organisations.

For atheist foundation of Australia anti-religion campaign:

POSTED 15 Aug 2011