WA and Tassie Prostitution Bills

The WA Govt did not debate the Prostitution Bill in the final sitting week of parliament for 2011. The next opportunity it can be debated is Feb 21, 2012. The Bill will make prostitution, for the first time, legal in WA. The Labor Party has said it would oppose the bill while the Liberal Party members have been given a conscience vote.

View the Govt press release

Read the ACL response

Meanwhile in Tasmania, the Attorney General Brian Wightman released a discussion paper on the Regulation of the Sex Industry. Submissions are due by 9 March. For more info and discussion paper click here.

Action: the Australian Christian Lobby, Association for Reformed Political Action, Saltshakers and other organisations say it is a good time to write to local MPs in WA and Tasmania.

Action: The ACL’s Make a Stand Website has launched the “Women are worth more” campaign for Tasmania in addition to the WA campaign of the same name. Send your local MP a letter using the Make a Stand website.

In the WA campaign as at 18 Feb 2012, 1198 people had sent a letter to their MP using this service.

POSTED 18 Feb 2012
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