Tasmanian Surrogacy

The Tasmanian Surrogacy Bill is expected to be debated in Parliament in the next week. The Australian Christian Lobby is urging upperhouse members to reject the bill. ACL Tasmanian director Mark Brown said that since the draft bill was introduced in 2012, it had fundementally ignored the ethical and moral implications of legalsing surrogacy.

For ACL report click here.

The Tasmanian Legislative Council Committee has recommended on Dec 1 that the Surrogacy Bill 2011 be amended to “better protect the interest of the child” by making written surrogacy arrangements mandatory and including a medical and social need test. The Tasmanian Bill allows for homosexual partners (unlike in WA) to have a surrogant child and the committee did not recommend changing this in line with WA’s laws. In her submission to the inquiry the Tasmanian Commissioner for Children Aileen Ashford urged the need to consider the interest of the child. She did not recommend that homosexual couples should be excluded from receiving surrogant children. View the press release.

See the Commissioner of Children’s submission

View the report recommendations

Action: www.makeastand.org.au is urging Tasmanians to write to their local MP and write a letter to the editor. For more on the issue and to write a letter using the makeastand website through the Kids Rights Count campaign.

As at March 25, 2012, 10,499 people had sent a letter to their MP using this service.

Action: Saltshakers is asking people to write to their local MP and to the Premier. They ask that people pray that Lara Giddings will be removed from the Tasmanian Parliament and that the majority of MPs will oppose her social agenda. For MP contact details: http://www.saltshakers.org.au/take-action/campaigns


POSTED 24 Mar 2012
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