Marriage Bills

Lachlan Dunjey from Choose Life Australia explains why marriage is so important in a new article ‘Why the battle for marriage is so significant’

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs is holding an inquiry into the Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2012 (introduced by Labor MP Stephen Jones)  and the Marriage Amendment Bill 2012 (introduced by Greens MP Adam Bandt).

The two bills amend the Marriage Act 1961 to legalise homosexual marriage and to recognise homosexual marriages performed in foreign countries. It will substitute the words “a man and a woman” with the words “two people” 

The closing date for public responses was 20 April 2012. The report is expected to be tabled on 18 June 2012. 

In addition, on 8 February 2012 the Senate referred the Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2010 for inquiry and report.

This private senator’s bill was introduced by Senator Hanson-Young.

The committee received 75,000 submissions, approx 44,000 support the bill, 31, 000 oppose the bill.

For submissions, including from Yvonne Henderson, Commissioner for Equal Opportunity, the Australian Christian Lobby, Tasmanian Premier Lara Giddings, Endeavour Forum, Saltshakers, the Association for Reformed Political Action (submission 118) click here.

For more on the inquiry: click here

Action: The Association for Reformed Political Action and Saltshakers is calling on people to write to their Federal MPs asking them to reject any moves by their party to introduce homosexual marriage by changing the Marriage Act.

Action: Bill Muehlenberg, from Culturewatch asks people to write to Tony Abbott encouraging him to stand strong. His email address is:

Action: is asking people to write a letter to their local MP. As at 2 May 2012 24,741 had used this service.

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WA and Tassie Prostitution Bills

A compromised bill is expected to go through the WA Parliament in the second half of May. It will most likely include a sunset clause which will legalise prostitution, which is currently legal, for five years before making it illegal again.

Action: people are encouraged to speak to their Labor Members of parliament urging them to maintain their opposition to the bill and any move to introduce a sunset clause. Speak also to Liberal members who are supporting the sunset clause.

Tasmania Prostitution Paper

Meanwhile in Tasmania, the Attorney General Brian Wightman released a discussion paper on the Regulation of the Sex Industry. For more info and discussion paper click here.

Action: the Australian Christian Lobby, Association for Reformed Political Action, Saltshakers and other organisations say it is a good time to write to local MPs in WA and Tasmania.

Action: The ACL’s Make a Stand Website has launched the “Women are worth more” campaign for Tasmania in addition to the WA campaign of the same name. Send your local MP a letter using the Make a Stand website.

In the WA campaign as at 11 June 2012, 1220 people had sent a letter to their MP using this service.

In the tasmanian campaign as at 11 June 2012, 630 people had sent a letter to their MP using the Make a Stand website.  

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Tasmanian Surrogacy

The Tasmanian Surrogacy Bill has stalled in Parliament. The Australian Christian Lobby is urging upperhouse members to reject the bill. ACL Tasmanian director Mark Brown said that since the draft bill was introduced, it had fundamentally ignored the ethical and moral implications of legalising surrogacy.

For ACL report click here.

The Tasmanian Legislative Council Committee has recommended on Dec 1 that the Surrogacy Bill 2011 be amended to “better protect the interest of the child” by making written surrogacy arrangements mandatory and including a medical and social need test. The Tasmanian Bill allows for homosexual partners (unlike in WA) to have a surrogant child and the committee did not recommend changing this in line with WA’s laws. In her submission to the inquiry the Tasmanian Commissioner for Children Aileen Ashford urged the need to consider the interest of the child. She did not recommend that homosexual couples should be excluded from receiving surrogant children. View the press release.

See the Commissioner of Children’s submission

View the report recommendations

Action: is urging Tasmanians to write to their local MP and write a letter to the editor. For more on the issue and to write a letter using the makeastand website through the Kids Rights Count campaign.

As at June 11, 2012, 10,856 people had sent a letter to their MP using this service.

Action: Saltshakers is asking people to write to their local MP and to the Premier. They ask that people pray that Lara Giddings will be removed from the Tasmanian Parliament and that the majority of MPs will oppose her social agenda. For MP contact details:

Action: the ACL is urging people to contact the Mercury, Examiner and The Advocate with their view points.

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EU Homosexual Friendly

EU Observor, which has been running a long campaign to promote homosexuality reports this week that Europe is the most homosexual friendly region on the globe, with Spain and Portugal having gone from ‘tyrants to toleration’. For EU Observor reports:


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Tanzania riots

Open Doors reports that a crowd of 400 rioting Muslim youth attacked three churches on Tanzania’s Zanzibar Island over the last weekend of May, extensively damaging two church buildings and engaging in running battles with police. At least two Christian schools were temporarily closed due to security concerns and the St. Mtendae Catholic Church in the Kwamchina area – including a Church sanctuary, college, accommodation and a convent – was also set alight. Riots continued in the Mtandae area with police again using tear gas to try and disperse the crowd.

Action: Opendoors asks people to pray for the restoration of peace in Zanzibar, for the safety of Christians living there and pray for God’s wisdom upon the Christians during these times, that they might respond in a godly manner.

Action: Opendoors is seeking to raise $854,026 by the end of the financial year sotha they can continue to equip and support persecuted believers. To make a donation click here.

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Hijab to Make History in London Olympics

Muslim publisher Muslim Village report that the first team to compete in an international competition in hijab, female Muslim weightlifters from the United Arab Emirates will be making history in the London Olympics.

“We were the first country for our athletes to be covered, wearing Islamic dress,” Jassim Abdulrahman Al-Awazi, a board member for the Emirates Weightlifting Federation and the GCC Weightlifting Organization, told the Emirati daily The National on Monday, May 21.

For full story click here.

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Stonemen Underwear

Melinda Tankard Reist reports that underwear brand Stonemen has launched an interactive video featuring a woman masturbating to an image of the viewers in Stonemen jocks.

For Stonemen contact details click here.

To make a complaint about the advert to the advertising standards bureau click here.

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Berlei advert

The Advertising Standards Bureau rejected complaints against 4 adverts from underwear maker, Pacific Brands Holding Pty Ltd, for its billboard advertising. One complaint related to a billboard advert which included the words: “Get your boobs done in your lunch hour”. The complainant said the advert should not be displayed in general viewing. To read the cases against Pacific Brands that we dismissed by the bureau see here:

POSTED 11 Jun 2012

Ad complaints

In a review of its operations for 2011,released in April, the Advertising Standards Bureau reported that is recieved 3491 complaints for the year. Of the complaints, the bureau found 353 were relating to adverts that breached the code, affecting 54 adverts.  adverts breached the code of conduct. Click here to read the 2011 annual review. In May 2012 the Bureau received 224 complaints, relating to 44 ads.

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Sunrise Homosexual Agenda

The Canberra Declaration reports that Channel 7’s Sunrise programme is working with anti-Christian organisation, Get-Up and Marie Claire magazine to promote homosexual marriage. Sunrise’s executive producer, Michael Pell has said that Sunrise, with the support of its presenters David Koch and Melissa Doyle, are going to make a stand in support of homosexual marriage. the Australian Christian Lobby says that is a disgrace that a TV programme and TV Station should take sides in this contentious issue.

The joint campaign and what it seeks to do can be found here:

Action: The Canberra Declaration, Australian Marriage Forum and the Australian Christian Lobby, amoung others, is calling for people to write to Channel 7 outlining your views and to send a copy ot the Chairman of Channel 7, Kerry Stokes. To make your comments to Channel 7 click here. 

Kerry Stokes, chairman Channel 7, Australian Capital Equity, Lvl 3/30 Kings Park Rd, West Perth WA 6005.

Action: The Canberra Declaration, Australian Marriage Forum and the Australian Christian Lobby suggests that you might want to contact the advertisers on Sunrise and to give your patronage to other organisations that promote the natural famly: Purina, The Coffee Club, Accor Hotels, Myers and Jetstar

POSTED 11 Jun 2012
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