Tanzania riots

Open Doors reports that a crowd of 400 rioting Muslim youth attacked three churches on Tanzania’s Zanzibar Island over the last weekend of May, extensively damaging two church buildings and engaging in running battles with police. At least two Christian schools were temporarily closed due to security concerns and the St. Mtendae Catholic Church in the Kwamchina area – including a Church sanctuary, college, accommodation and a convent – was also set alight. Riots continued in the Mtandae area with police again using tear gas to try and disperse the crowd.

Action: Opendoors asks people to pray for the restoration of peace in Zanzibar, for the safety of Christians living there and pray for God’s wisdom upon the Christians during these times, that they might respond in a godly manner.

Action: Opendoors is seeking to raise $854,026 by the end of the financial year sotha they can continue to equip and support persecuted believers. To make a donation click here.

POSTED 11 Jun 2012
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