WA and Tassie Prostitution Bills

A compromised bill is expected to go through the WA Parliament in the second half of May. It will most likely include a sunset clause which will legalise prostitution, which is currently legal, for five years before making it illegal again.

Action: people are encouraged to speak to their Labor Members of parliament urging them to maintain their opposition to the bill and any move to introduce a sunset clause. Speak also to Liberal members who are supporting the sunset clause.

Tasmania Prostitution Paper

Meanwhile in Tasmania, the Attorney General Brian Wightman released a discussion paper on the Regulation of the Sex Industry. For more info and discussion paper click here.

Action: the Australian Christian Lobby, Association for Reformed Political Action, Saltshakers and other organisations say it is a good time to write to local MPs in WA and Tasmania.

Action: The ACL’s Make a Stand Website has launched the “Women are worth more” campaign for Tasmania in addition to the WA campaign of the same name. Send your local MP a letter using the Make a Stand website.

In the WA campaign as at 11 June 2012, 1220 people had sent a letter to their MP using this service.

In the tasmanian campaign as at 11 June 2012, 630 people had sent a letter to their MP using the Make a Stand website.  

POSTED 11 Jun 2012
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