Marriage Bill defeated

The first federal vote to change the Marriage Act was defeated on Sept 19, 2012 in the House of Representatives 98 votes to 42 votes. Those who voted in favour of same-sex marriage included the member for Brand, Gary Gray and member for Fremantle, Melissa Parke. For full voting list click here.

CultureWatch’s Bill Muehlenberg writes in response to the win. Click here for his article.

Action: Saltshakers asks that people write to Senator Cory Bernardi, who has been outspoken in this oppositition to same sex marriage and has been the target of intimidation and attacks. Saltshakers says the pressure led to Senator Bernardi resigning as parliamentary secretary. Saltshakers asks that you offer your support to him for his comments. Email or go to his contact page.

Saltshakers also asks that you write to Tony Abbott asking him to reinstate Cori Bernardi and to stand for truth and not compromise.


POSTED 19 Sep 2012
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