Prostitution on WA/QLD Govt Agenda

The West Australian Govt has put its proposed leglisation of prostition legislation back on the agenda although it could run out of time to debate the legislation before the next state election to be held in March.

The Australian Christian Lobby’s spokesman on prostitution laws, Michelle Pearse said in the ACL August newsletter that WA Premier has broken his pledge to investigate the successful Nordic policy. “Instead of trying to force what is clearly ineffective policy through the Parliament, the government should send a delegation to Nordic countries and talk to their government and policy officials about the success of their model,” Mrs Pearse said.In related news, a QLD hotel was found to be in breach of the Anti-Discrimination Act by denying a sex worker a room. The QLD Attorney General is investigating the ruling. The Australian Christian Lobby said the case showed their was a need for prostution reform as QLD has already legalised prostitution. ACL QLD director Wendy Francis said no other legitimate occupation includes the regular threat of sex slavery, violence, disease, organised crime and human trafficking. For more from ACL click here.

Action: FamilyVoice, the Association for Reformed Political Action and other groups are asking people to write to their local MP to explain their concerns with the legislation.

POSTED 19 Sep 2012
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