ARPA WA Abortion Petition Fails

A petition that was tabled in the State Parliament early this year has been rejected by the investigating parliamentary committee. The Environment and Public Affairs Committee, of the State Parliament, rejected the petition’s call for an inquiry into abortions carried out in WA. The petition, signed by almost 800 people was the subject of the committee inquiry.

The committee consists of Lynn MacLaren MLC, Colin Holt MLC, Brian Ellis MLC, Kate Doust MLC and Phil Edman MLC. The committee’s contact details are:

GPO Box A11, Perth WA 6837

To read the petition, the submission by the tabling member of parliament, Nick Goiran, the submission by the lead petitioner, Warnar Spyker and the response by the Health Minister, Kim Hames click here and scroll down to petition No. 153. For a related petition, scroll down to petition 127 (A request to inquire into Late Term Abortions).

The contact details for the Health Minister Kim Hames are:, (08) 6552 5300, PO Box 5551 Falcon WA 6210.

POSTED 6 Dec 2012
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