Australian Religious Stats

The latest religious statistics have been released in a publication called “Australia’s Religious Communities – Facts and Figures.” Based on the 2011 census figures, it was produced by the Christian Research Association and written by Philip Hughes, Margaret Fraser and Stephen Reid.  It shows that between 2001 and 2011, 1.8 million migrants, 750,000 of whom where Christian, came to Australia. Around 161,000 migrants during this period where Hindus, 147,000 Muslim. The number of Reformed and Presbyterian fell from 650,000 to 599,000 during the period. The number in the United Church fell 155,000 to around 1m people. Of those that counted themselves Baptist, 63% were involved in church life monthly or more often. 20% of those that counted themselves Reformed or Presbyterian were involved in church life at least monthly. 

To download a copy of the e-book click here.  It was

POSTED 19 Jan 2013
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