Persecution 2013 WatchList

Open Doors has released its annual list of the top countries were pesecutions occur. Topping the list, for the 11th year in a row is North Korea,. Five new countries, Mali, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Niger entered the list for the first time. The report says there are an estimated 100 million Christians that are being persecuted.  Egypt was 25th on the list, just below Tanzanzia. Vietnam was 21st on the list. The countries that took part in the “Arab Spring” have seen an rise in persecution as a result of the rise in Islamism. For full list details click here.

Action: Opendoors asks that people pray for those countries in the 2013 World Watch list. Pray for the Christians living in these places. Pray for the leadership of these nations, pray that God will continue to strengthen His church in these countries.

POSTED 19 Jan 2013
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