RU486 Abortion Drug Govt Funded?

The Australian Christian Lobby reports that the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Commission is to determine whether to publically fund the abortion druge RU486. This would make the drug available for around $12 instead of the current $300. The GyMiso drug is also being considered by the Commission. CathNews reports on comments by the auxiliary bishop of Sydney Julian Porteous who said that the move to subsidies the drugs was anti-children, anti-women, and anti-family. “These drugs are not medicines as they are not used for the treatment of disease or illness: they are used to kill babies and have also caused deaths among women,” he said. 

For ACL article click here.

For Cathnews article “Cheap ‘baby killing drugs’ plan blasted’

For list of committee members and contact details click here.

POSTED 8 Feb 2013
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