Dear Readers,

Firstly a big welcome to new subscribers. We hope that you gain courage and learn of new ways to let your Christian voice be heard through this Newsletter.

A lot is happening it seems at the moment.

In WA an election is due tomorrow.

WA voters will do well to read the snippets: “WA Election Advice from Christian Organisations”, “Emily’s List Behind WA Labor Candidates” and “Pro-Euthanasia WA Candidates Supported” 

Tasmanian readers will need to raise up with two bills being discussed in that State. See submissions/petitions for details on how to get involved.

Tasmania is an example of what happens when godless people get into positions of authority. The Government there, in partnership with the Greens, is certainly making the most of their time in the sun, leaving a path of destruction.

Please pray for the WA elections tomorrow, that more Christians might get voted into parliament, and that the anti-Christian Greens will lose their seats.

May God watch over you all in your various callings.


POSTED 8 Mar 2013
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