Dear Readers,

The battle front continues to be in Tasmania this month. See submissions/petitions for ways to get involved. I am informed that you do not need to live in Tasmania to let your views be known on the proposed laws. On what is occurring in Tasmania the Australian Christian Lobby’s Lyle Shelton had this to say in the latest ACL enews: “With less than 12 months to the next election, the Labor-Green Government there seems bent on deconstructing the pillars of civil society.”

“This is particularly as it relates to our most vulnerable – children. Today a bill was introduced by the Health Minister Michelle O’Byrne to allow same-sex couples access to what is known as stranger adoption. Please pass on this newsletter to anyone you know in Tasmania and encourage them to be vocal. History shows that inaction by many Christians in the past has meant that Western Australia as well as other states now have very liberal abortion laws. This need not be the case if the opposition is strong enough. Such Govt actions gives us an opportune time to provide a positive contribution to public debate.”

Please continue to uphold our Governments prayer.


POSTED 27 Mar 2013
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