Pro-Euthanasia WA Candidates Supported

The WA Voluntary Euthanasia Society ran a half page advert in the West Australian, March 6, page 21 listing pro-euthanasia candidates in the WA election. The advert ask people to vote for ‘End of Life Choice’.

It lists 16 pro-euthanasia candidates, including the 4 Greens, 8 Labor: Sue Ellery (also Emily’s List), Adele Farina, Sally Talbot (also Emily’s List),Ken Travers, Roger Cook, Mark McGowan, John Hyde, David Templeman.

Also included in the list was John McGrath, (Liberal), and Terry Redman (Nationals).

Meanwhile Paul Russell, from HOPE, an organisation working to fight against the Euthanasia culture in WA, has released comprehensive results of candidates views on euthanasia. To see where your candidates stand on this issue click here for Lower House candidates and here for Upper House candidates.

POSTED 8 Mar 2013
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