Canadian MPs investigation Call Into 491 babies left to Die

A number of Canadian MPs have sent a letter to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commissioner, Bob Paulson, calling for an inquiry into possible breaches of the Criminal Code, relating to homicide. According to the Canadian Criminal Code, a child is considered to be a human being and a person after proceeding fully from the mother;’s womb. For letter and information from the ARPA Canada click here.

POSTED 8 Feb 2013
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Perth Remembrance Walk and Rally for Life

The Remembrance Walk and Rally for Life will be held tonight, May 22, 2012. The Coalition for the Defence of Human Life and the Association for Reformed Political Action is encouraging people to attend this rally. It will commence at 7pm at King’s Park with prayers over the city for an end to abortion, followed by a walk to Parliament House.

To find out why making your voice heard on this issue is so important and how it makes a difference, read an inspiring article published May 20, 2012 by CultureWatch’s Bill Muehlenberg titled Winning the Abortion Battle

In Ottowa, Canada, the March for Life 2012 attracted a record 19,500 people breaking last year’s record of 15,000. ARPA Canada co-sponsored a Reformed Worship Service before the march began. The service was led by Rev John van Popta, pastor the Fellowship Canadian Reformed Church.

For more details on the Perth event:

For story on the Canadian March from click here.

POSTED 22 May 2012
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ARPA Writing Competition

ARPA Canada is running a letters to the editor contest with $500 in prizes across 5 categories. For more information:

POSTED 10 Nov 2011

Canada Writing Competition

ARPA Canada and Holland Shopping Centre have teamed up to co-sponsor a letter to the editor contest with $500 in prizes. ARPA Canada says: “Letters to the editor are a free and effective means to be a voice for truth, grace, justice, and common sense in our communities. We have seen some excellent letters published in Alberta in response to our Stand Up for Freedom campaign in the past week. We have also seen entire editorials from large papers written in response to letters by ARPA readers. This is a great opportunity for schools, people who have never written a letter to the editor before, and the seasoned pros!”

For more on the contest:


POSTED 19 Jul 2011
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Abortion New York

ARPA Canada carries an article that was first published by the Reformatorish Dagblad on March 4, 2011 and was written from South Alberta resident Maaike Rosendal. Rosendal shares her experience when she challenged abortion providers at a recent Commission on the Status of Women in UN headquarters. ” It became very clear in New York: thousands of people work hard to make abortion possible. Are any of us willing to spend as much time to attain the opposite?” For article:

POSTED 28 Mar 2011
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Citizenship Guide

ARPA Canada has published the Christian Citizenship Guide, researched and written by Michael Wagner. It provides information on Canada’s history, understanding parliaments, courts and measuring up the modern understanding of human rights to our faith. To order:

POSTED 16 Mar 2011

ARPA Easy Mail

ARPA Canada has introduced ARPA Easy Mail which makes it easier to contact local members of parliament on different issues. ARPA Canada has a goal of reaching 2010 action items this year. So far 1531 people have used the action meter this year. For details on Easy Mail:

POSTED 17 Oct 2010

Canada Campaign

ARPA Canada has launched the ‘Stand Up for Freedom Canada Campaign.’ ARPA Canada has been preparing a large new campaign with the purpose of educating the public about Canada’s human rights commissions and how they are increasingly replacing our fundamental freedoms (speech, conscience, religion etc) with a new set of demands that they call “human rights.” For more on campaign:

POSTED 13 Oct 2010
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