By-Election Results

In the Armadale by-election held Saturday, October 2, the CDP’s Jamie van Burgel had polled 29.5% of the two party preferred vote with three quarters of the vote counted. The Liberal party chose not to field a candidate. For results, see

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POSTED 13 Oct 2010

Van Burgel Help

Christian Democratic Party candidate for the Oct 2, 2010 Armadale by-election, Jamie van Burgel, is seeking helpers to walk through his electorate helping to do letter box drops as part of his campaign. He is also looking for people to hand out how to vote card on by-election day Oct 2, 2010.

If you are interested in helping for a few hours over the next few weeks contact Jamie on

For more on Jamie on the campaign trail with Liberal Canning member Don Randall:

POSTED 17 Sep 2010

Nile Targeted

The HR Leader reports that a human resource executive working in the NSW Department of Parliamentary Services resigned following her part in an unauthorised audit of staff internet use. Christian Democratic Party leader Fred Nile was singled out by media organisation that implied that he could be viewing pornography, despite journalists being warned by the Parliament’s Upper House President Amanda Fazio not to read too much into the audit. The ABC News, and most other news outlets ran with the Fred Nile angle despite being told that the definition of adult sites used by the audit included normal newspaper sites as they sometimes had links to other sites that could be categorised as adult content.

Fred Nile said that every time someone accesses sites such as it is counted as one individual hit on an adult site.

For ABC article:

POSTED 17 Sep 2010

VanBurgel Funds

Christian Democratic Party candidate for the Oct 2, 2010 Armadale by-election, Jamie van Burgel, is seeking to raise a minimum of $15,000 for his campaign. The Liberal Party has not nominated a candidate. The money will be used for mail-outs, posters, pamplets and how-to-vote-cards.

email the CDP in order to:
  • Advise of your donation
  • That it is for the Armadale by-election
  • Your name and address to which they can send your tax receipt to.

If you are interested in handing out htv cards on polling day contact Jamie on

POSTED 6 Sep 2010
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CDP Donations

The Christian Democratic Party is calling for donations to help run an Election advertising campaign and for other election costs.

To donate:

Or call 1300 305 237 for more info.

POSTED 9 Aug 2010

Evensong hosts Candidates

On Sunday Aug 15, 8-9pm Christian Democratic Party candidate for the seat of Canning, Jamie van Burgel and CDP State Secretary, Madeleine Goiran, will join Evensong on Heritage 107.3FM in Perth. You can also listen online by visiting

POSTED 26 Jul 2010

CDP Candidates

The following people are WA CDP candidates for the Aug 21 Federal elections:


  • Trevor Young
  • Lachlan Dunjey

House of Representatives

  • Brand, Bob Burdett
  • Canning, Jamie van Burgel
  • Cowan, David Kingston
  • Curtin, Pat Seymour
  • Durack, Mac Forsyth
  • Forrest, Lee Heridge
  • Fremantle, Scott Robertson
  • Hasluck, Linda Brewer
  • Moore, Meg Birch
  • O’Connor, Jacky Young
  • Pearce, Janet Broadstock
  • Perth, Paul Connelly
  • Stirling, Jenny Whately
  • Swan, Steve Klomp
  • Tangney, Karen Chew
POSTED 26 Jul 2010

Crisis Meeting

The Christian Democratic Party of WA are holding a Christian Crisis Meeting: if we don’t act now, then when! With an atheist Prime Minister and the growing influence of the Greens’ anti-Christian agenda the CDP says the important pre-election meeting will give some practical tools to help you inform your church, relatives and friends of the gravity of the situation and the appropriate response to help prevent it.

This free event will be held at the

Fox Lecture Theatre
University of WA
Hackett Drive

on July 26, 2010 7.30-8.30pm

To register yourself and up to four friends:

or call the CDP on (08) 6161 3315 or

POSTED 17 Jul 2010
CAT Events
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CDP Help

The Christian Democratic Party in WA is looking for helpers during the election campaign. To become involved call 1300 305 237 . For more info on the CDP visit the CDP website:

POSTED 10 Jul 2010

Atheist Convention

The Global convention was held in Melbourne March 12-14. Rev Fred Nile, leader of the Christian Democratic Party said that those attending the conference only need to look to the Bible for the answer: I am the way, and the Truth and the Life (John 14:6)

“These atheists are in fact ‘religious’ because secular humanism, that denies the existence of God, has been formally recognised as a religion that replaces ‘God’ in the centre of the Universe with puny MAN” said Rev Fred Nile MLC.

POSTED 8 Apr 2010