Euthanasia Censor Fears

Exit International, operated by Australian Philip Nitschke, expresses increasing concern with censoring the Internet in Australia. It follows reports that Telstra and Optus will implement voluntary filtering. In its newsletter, E-Deliverance, June-July 2011, it places the blame with the Australian Christian Lobby. “There is little doubt that this turn of events has again been influenced by the not-so-silent hand of the Australian Christian Lobby. Exit will continue to work with civil liberties groups to stop the insidious spread of censorship that is currently being orchestrated by the Christian right”, the newsletter says. Exit encourages people to write to the Minister for Communications to fight against censorship.

POSTED 19 Jul 2011
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Malaysian Bibles

Christians in Malaysia are calling on their Govt to release 15,000 Malay Bibles that were confiscated for using the term “Allah” to refer to God. Allah is a word that Malaysia has banned non-Muslims from using, claiming it is Islamic and may confuse Muslims when used to refer to the God of Christians.

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POSTED 13 Nov 2009

Internet Filtering

The Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy announced that Optus will take part in the Australian Government’s Internet filtering pilot. Optus is the 2nd largest ISP in Australia. It joins Primus Telecommunications, Highway 1, Nelson Bay Online, Netforce, OMNIconnect, TECH 2U and Webshield. A survey by Generation Next parenting seminars found that 1 million minors were allowed unsupervised internet access.
For Conroy’s press release and info:
Generation Next survey:,,25303028-5005370,00.html

Action: The Australian Christian Lobby is asking people to share first hand stories of the damage porn causes which would be treated with the strictest confidence , without revealing identities to convince politicians and others of the harm the scourge of pornography is causing.

Action: The ACL is also encouraging people to use this year’s National Day of Thanksgiving May 30 (See What’s on) to thank Conroy for his efforts to filter pornography and violence from the internet at service provide level. Conroy has received a torrent of opposition from the porn industry and sections of the internet industry and expressions of thanks to him would be beneficial.

ACL contact details (mark confidential- att Chief of Staff):

Australian Christian Lobby
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POSTED 1 May 2009

Internet filtering

The porn lobby and some in the internet industry are trying to scuttle the Government’s plan to clean up the internet.
Action: Please take five minutes to join ACL’s Make a Stand campaign ‘Keep IT clean!’ You can quickly read up on the issue and fire off an e-mail to your local politicians.
It is vital that those who profit from the degradation of women and children are not the only voices heard in this debate.

POSTED 21 Nov 2008